LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Lincoln Ogden grew up working with his hands, a family trade he developed into Compass Project Management, a construction company that works primarily with on custom-built homes.

"I'm a trim carpenter by trade," he explained. "My uncle started me almost 20 years ago."

Last month, in front of Ogden's Floyds Knobs home, someone stole what took him 20 years to build.

"There's a lot of bad things you can do in life, but anyone in construction will tell you, when you take a man's tools, you take food off their plate," Ogden said. "You don't cross that line."

The thief took saws, drills, bits and wrenches among many other tools from the side storage lockers on the side of Ogden's work truck. The loss to at least $2,500, but Ogden says the sentimental value of one stolen items is far greater to him, it's priceless.

"My tool belt," Ogden said. "As silly as that may sound. Twenty years ago, Kenny, who I was talking about, bought it for me -- and it has a whole lot more value to me than it does to them, lets put it that away."

Kenny Ogden, Lincoln's uncle, recently died of cancer. He says Kenny was like a brother and a mentor teaching him a trade and teaching him about life. 

The missing tool belt is plain black, with several pockets and a brown weightlifting back. Ogden says it's one of a kind.

"For me, it's something I put on almost every day of my life, and a connection back to him too, so that was pretty disheartening," Ogden said.

It's why Floyd County Sheriff Frank Loop took Ogden's call personally.

"I have a tool belt that my brother gave me, oh, probably 30 years ago," Loop said.

Loop says a suspicious car was spotted at Valley View Golf Club, directly across from Ogden's home, at approximately 6:15 a.m., Feb. 20 -- the morning of the theft.

But officials with the golf course says there's no surveillance video, and nothing has turned up yet at local pawn shops.

"We may find it," Loop said. "The chances are slim."

So Ogden is trying to speak to the thief directly. He placed a white sign in his front yard right back at the scene of the crime. 

"To the thief who broke into my truck: I would love to have my tool belt back. My recently deceased uncle bought it for me 20 years ago," the sign says in red bold lettering. "It should have no value other than sentimental. Next time you need something just ask."

Ogden is hoping that if the thief knew what they took, they'd do the right thing for him and his uncle.

"They can drop it back in the front yard, down at the end of the driveway, wherever they want," he added.

Ogden did not have surveillance cameras at his home and that's since changed. He said after being a theft victim he's now installing motion sensor security cameras on every custom home he builds, free of charge. 

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