By: Bill Lamb
WDRB President and General Manager

I've been doing editorials here at WDRB for almost 16 years. We try to do two a week with viewer feedback on Wednesdays. These editorials don't write themselves, and I honestly don't have time to write all of them. For all of those 16 years, a fellow named Ray Foushee helped me or wrote many of them for me.     

The way it would work is this. If I wrote the editorial, I would bounce it off him to see if he thought it was too harsh. It's great to have a sounding board. If he was going to write the editorial, we would usually discuss possible topics, he would ask what my position would be, and he would write to my position, not his.  I would usually change a word or two but he did so much of the heavy lifting.

I am pretty conservative. Ray is quite liberal. Together we always had invigorating conversations about issues. Sometime he changed my mind, sometimes I changed his, but it's always a good intellectual exercise to try to understand each other's point of view.  

Ray Foushee retired in January but he is still helping me even from home. Ray is so much a part of what Point of View has become, and will be in the future, that I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge his work and thank him for it.  

I'm Bill Lamb…and that is definitely my Point of View.

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