LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- America has seen a concerning number of school shootings in 2018, and the gun debate is happening across the country. 

And on Thursday night, Louisville residents had an open conversation about those gun laws. At Crescent Hill Baptist Church, Sen. Morgan McGarvey hosted a town hall meeting, and dozens of people showed up to voice their ideas.

"I think this is the tipping point," McGarvey said, referencing recent shootings in Parkland, Florida, and Marshall County, Kentucky. "I think there's a recognition that the old way of doing things, saying we can't do anything about it, has got to go by the wayside. We can do something about it. Let's work together. Let's do some things that make sense and hopefully make this problem a little better."

Most people spoke out for changes to current gun laws and said they don't go far enough. Ideas included universal background checks and raising the age to legally buy a gun.

"Right now, there appears to be a real interest in this country that hasn't happened after the other mass shootings, particularly with energy from the students there, the teenagers, the ones who are going to be voting, who are starting to really put pressure on politicians," said Brian Fingerson, who lives in Louisville.

While some have suggested arming teachers, this group was against that idea.

JCPS school board member Lisa Willner was there, and a few other state lawmakers were also in attendance. They hope to address gun legislation during the current session in Frankfort.

"Right before the Parkland shooting, we had the shooting down in Marshall County. and it's a tragedy,"  McGarvey said. "But it hit close to home. I think we know there are some things we can do. We have to have this conversation. We have to look at it from a legislative angle. We have to provide for school safety. We have to talk about guns. We have to do things that can help Kentuckians."

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