FRANKFORT, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky's state Senate postponed a scheduled vote Friday on the much-debated pension bill.

Senators met for several hours Friday behind closed doors, as teachers and other state employees packed the Capitol - holding signs and chanting against the plan.

After a lunch break, senators came back to chambers and decided to wait on a vote on Senate Bill 1.  The bill now goes back to committee. So the fate of the bill seems uncertain. 

The pension bill being considered fully funds the pension system but also temporarily reduces annual cost-of-living raises for teachers and cuts some benefits for one of the nation's worst-funded public pension plans.

Senate Democratic Leader Ray Jones says he does not think Republicans have enough votes to pass the bill. Republican Senate President Robert Stivers says leaders have not done a vote count.

Stivers added that senators wanted more time to have "a better comfort level" with the bill.

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