In just seconds on Sunday, the most iconic building in the Frankfort skyline will come crumbling down.

Capital Plaza Tower is the first thing drivers see on the way in to the State Capital, and it has been there nearly 50 years. But at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, 1,500 pounds of explosives will bring the building, which is deemed unsafe, to a dramatic end.

“It's going to be a lot like a passing thunderstorm over head,” Controlled Demolition Inc. President Mark Loizeaux said. “It's loud.”

Gov. Matt Bevin is auctioning off the chance to push the plunger. More than 50 people have bid, and it’s up to $8,000 on e-Bay with the money going to a children's charity.

“That person is going to be initiating the implosion, because I'm going to be watching that person push down the plunger," Loizeaux said. "And when he or she pushes the plunger down, I say ‘fire.’”

At the sound of “fire,” more than 2,000 separate charges placed on eight levels of the building are going to detonate.

“It's going to be over in about 15 seconds,” Loizeaux said. “From the time you hear the first explosion, nothing is going to happen for the first six seconds or so, and then I think you'll have something to take pictures of.”

The tower is planned to tilt and fall to the east, but demolition professionals said the building's structure is unique, and it could have a mind of its own. Those who live close-by are encouraged to leave the area or shelter in place. The dust will be nasty, but state officials said a new downtown will rise from that dust.

A new office building is planned for the space to help give part of the state capital a fresh start.

“Seventy percent or more of the land around Frankfort here is public service,” said Kentucky Secretary of Finance William Landrum. “They do not get the property tax for this, which is something that I want to try to turn back to the city.”

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