JEFFERSONVILLE , Ind. (WDRB) -- Cars passing and cows mooing is the most action a section of New Chapel Road near Crystal Springs subdivision sees.

Jeffersonville Mayor Mike Moore looks at the fenced-off area, not far from I-265, as opportunity to welcome a lot of people to the city's newest and biggest park.

What's already been dubbed Chapel Lake Park would consist of 115 acres and cost a chunk of change to transform.

"(We're) going to have a lot of nice walking trails, going to have a nice big fishing lake, a couple of picnic areas, bathrooms," Moore said. "I think we can do it for around $2 million in-house."

The money would come from a 2017 budget surplus. Some residents say they would consider it money well spent.

"I think we would be getting something for our money and getting it in our backyard," Kelly Vogt said. "I think everybody needs green space in their life."

However, there are others with concerns.

"It's going to bring so much traffic onto New Chapel Road," said Alison Hoskins, who lives nearby. "People fly up and down New Chapel Road. It's basically going to be a cut through to avoid 62."

There are still a few hurdles to jump to make the park happen, including getting approval from nearby River Ridge, which owns some of the land.

"River Ridge, I will be meeting with them formally on the 19th,and making the request for this land," Moore said.

He added that initial talks have started with the development's leaders, and that they seem open to the idea.

"Hopefully we can get the whole community behind this thing," Moore said.

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