During his campaign for Kentucky governor in 2015, Matt Bevin emphasized the need to fix the state’s employee pension system, saying, “Continuing to ignore the problem is a threat to public safety, education and other viable government services.”

After Gov. Bevin won, other state politicians chimed in, saying we could no longer afford to “kick this can down the road any longer.”

But kick it, they did. While Bevin took some baby steps toward pension reform during the 2016 legislative session, no real systemic changes took place, and our lawmakers contentedly sent that can flying a few more years into the future.

Then, everyone assumed Bevin would call a special session last fall specifically to address pension issues.

However, everyone was wrong.

But wait! The 2018 session was right around the corner. Surely the can punting would stop then.

And last week, it looked like it might. Until it didn’t.

After actually scheduling a vote on comprehensive reform for this past Friday, the Republican-led Senate got cold feet in the face of large teacher demonstrations and “postponed” the vote for a later time.

And now, here we sit with just 11 days left in the ’18 session and that can teed up nicely for yet another boot.

Will it be kicked yet again? Or will our lawmakers finally score a touchdown instead of settling for another field goal?

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