LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Edwin Chandler flew to Louisville from Georgia on Wednesday to share his story with Metro Council members. He spent nine years in prison for a 1993 murder he didn't commit. 

"I was interrogated by a police officer, Mark Handy," Chandler said. "And in that interrogation, I gave a false confession, and the reason I gave that false confession, primarily, is because I was threatened by Mr. Handy that he would take my sister's children away ... that he would have her locked up."

Chandler joined others Wednesday asking Metro Council to request the Attorney General hire a special prosecutor to investigate Handy, a former Louisville Police detective.

"Mr. Handy has not been brought to justice for any of the wrongdoing that he's done," Chandler said.

Handy also interrogated Jeffery Clark and Keith Hardin, who spent 22 years in prison convicted of a murder they didn't commit. Two weeks ago, a judge dismissed the charges against them, and for the first time, they walked out of court free men. 

Handy is accused of working to create a false theory that Clark and Hardin murdered Rhonda Sue Wardord in a Satanic Ritual killing. Retired LMPD detective Denny Butler testified Wednesday about Handy's involvement in two additional cases, where there's also the same common denominator. 

"If you remove Mark Handy from those cases, these guys don't even get charged," Butler said.

Chandler was exonerated in 2012. Metro Government went on to pay him $8.5 million.

"So to sum it up, Mark Handy tried to execute Edwin Chandler using our criminal justice system, knowing he was an innocent man," Butler said.

Chandler and Butler want to know how many other innocent men and women are out there, pleading with Metro Council to take action. Council members didn't vote Wednesday on asking a special prosecutor to investigate Handy.   

Within the last few weeks Handy retired from the Jefferson County Sheriff's office. 

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