LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers says the bill to overhaul the state's public pension system faces a "very limited and difficult path forward," and no one is more upset about it than Gov. Matt Bevin. 

The bill has stalled as thousands of teachers across Kentucky have mobilized to defeat it. During an interview on Campbellsville Radio Station WVLC, Bevin placed the blame squarely on the protesters he referred to as selfish and uniformed.

Bevin stated that teachers are the only public workers in Kentucky who get a pay raise, even in retirement. He also says they're better paid than teachers in any state bordering Kentucky. 

Bevin also said the bill provides a pay raise for retired teachers -- just not as much.

"They want a bigger pay raise," Bevin said. "They're not willing to get a pay raise -- but just a smaller pay raise -- even when they retire. They would rather get every cent now, even if that means they have no money when they get old, or if people now working get no money.  It's the most -- it's just bizarre to me."

Bevin says the protesters are among a very small percentage of teachers who have fallen for what he calls "lots of false information" about the plan.

He says he's also disappointed with lawmakers who he says have failed to do what they know they have to do to fix the pension system. 

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