I love Louisville and I love working downtown. I like the energy. The city creates a positive image for Kentucky for most visitors in many, many ways. But right now, city streets are covered with lane closures - closed for construction projects and utility work. Throw in the poor timing of street lights and unused bike lanes and you've created a lousy gridlock experience for everyone. Are drivers mad? You bet your asphalt they are.

So maybe you are lucky enough to get around closed lanes, but then there is the horrible condition of downtown streets. These roads are not paved. They are an embarrassing patchwork of asphalt. There's barely a street when your car doesn't shake more than a rickety old roller coaster and make your teeth feel like they're rattling out of your head. The city and its leadership have failed the downtown workers, concert goers, restaurant visitors, conventioneers and many more.

Mr. Mayor, my friend, if you care about the 99 percent of the public not using bike lanes, and I believe you do, how about directing some money to the repair of our city's downtown streets?  At least require utility workers to leave a street in better shape than before they tore it up. How about making this a priority? It's not going to solve itself. It will need executive leadership. And Mayor Fischer? You're the executive in charge.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my point of view.

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