SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A four-year Secret Service investigation in Bullitt County has ended, and four people have been indicted.

A federal grand jury indicted the Thomas and Tammy Tucker, Michelle McIntosh and Thomas Newton for wire fraud. The indictment says Tammy Tucker, a senior administrator at B&B Metals, is also charged with identity theft. Investigators said from 2011 to 2014, she used the company credit card to pay for her own personal expenses. 

"What I knew they stole, it was right at $1 million," said Bill Coots, owner of B&B Metals. "Then we stopped counting."

Coots said he knows he'll never get the money back and counting more of the expenses would take more manpower. He started B&B Metals in Shepherdsville nearly three decades ago, but he's spent the last several years providing the Secret Service information hoping to get justice. Tammy Tucker is Coots' sister, and she's married to Thomas Tucker. McIntosh is Coots' younger sister.

The indictment says Tammy Tucker also wrote checks to McIntosh, who Coots said was only working a small numbers of hours that did not equal the larger checks she was fraudulently given. 

Documents say Tammy Tucker gave Thomas Tucker a company credit card that was used for things like auto repairs. While the indictment doesn't list all the transactions, the Secret Service said it can prove the suspects stole between $550,000 and $750,000 from B&B Metals. The charges included plane tickets, a Bellagio penthouse hotel suite, Belterra visits, etc.

Coots said he's saddened at the news, because all those involved are his family.  

"It actually makes it a lot worse that it was family," Coots said. "If it were all strangers or all business associates, I think I could handle it a lot easier."

The four suspects have not been arrested. They've been summoned to court on March 29. The Secret Service said if they don't show up, then they can get arrested.

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