LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- An accused child molester has been arrested after a school cafeteria worker overheard what a 6-year-old girl was saying at the lunch table.

As a lunchroom monitor, Amy Finn says she hears countless cafeteria stories from the kids at Mt. Tabor Elementary School, but never one like this.

"It started with a few girls at her lunch table calling me over, saying she was talking about nasty stuff," Finn said.

Finn says the 6-year-old girl was talking about a family member, "licking her and touching her in her private area." That's when Finn realized she needed to get involved and ask the girl some very painful questions.

"So I pulled her off one-on-one, and said, 'You've got to tell me what's going on, and if it's true,'" Finn said. "And she said it's true, and she wants it to stop."

Police say it did stop with the arrest of Keith Mohney after Finn notified authorities. The little girl told investigators she'd, "have fun and play games in his chair," according to the probable cause affidavit. 

"She's just an all-around happy girl," Finn said. "You'd never suspect she was going through such horrible stuff."

Court records say it happened more than once. The child spoke of an incident before Halloween, when she was not in school and it was warm outside.

"This was the ultimate mistrust in that the child was taken advantage of," Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson said. "Predators have a method of operation, and that is getting the confidence of a young child, and at that age, children in many cases don't have the discretion to know what's proper and what's improper."

Mohney sits behind bars at the Floyd County Detention Center, charged with child molestation. Court records say he admitted to sexually abusing the six year old. Mohney is already on probation for a much different kind of crime. Two years ago, he signed a plea agreement in Floyd County, admitting to being the bookkeeper in a multi-million-dollar fraud scheme. The group targeted the elderly and took their life savings by selling fake stocks in oil wells.

Henderson says there was no indication at the time of the deal that Mohney was a predator. Henderson praised the actions of Finn.

"It's a great example of someone who went above and beyond in terms of paying attention and following up," Henderson said.

If convicted of child molestation, Mohney faces more than 15 years in prison. The state has already moved to revoke his probation on the financial crimes.

"I don't feel like a hero," Finn said. "I feel like I was just doing my job protecting children."

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