INDIANAPOLIS (AP/WDRB) -- Emergency responders in Indianapolis have been treating people who've overdosed on drugs or substances laced with bug spray.

Indianapolis firefighter Scott Lebherz says some people searching for a greater high have been spraying heavy-duty insect spray on marijuana, tobacco and even banana leaves, and then smoking or ingesting it.

Lebherz tells The Indianapolis Star users enter a 45-minute high that leaves them nearly catatonic. He says considering what insect spray does to bugs, you've "got to think what it's doing to your brain, and your body and everything else."

Authorities say they are seeing more people overdose on a drug called "KD," which consists of marijuana, spice or tobacco, is laced with bug spray and then smoked.

Indianapolis Fire Department Captain Chris Major said, "We kind of describe it as being like a zombie. They can not talk to us. Their movements are slow and lethargic, a lot of drooling and a loss of function overall. We find them with their clothes off, they've done that to themselves. They're eating the grass, pulling dirt out of the ground and trying to put it in their mouth."

"We find people passed out with it still in their hand. That is how fast it has an effect on them," Major also said.

Workers from Major's station responded to about 5,100 runs last year, and several of the calls were for KD overdoses.

Indiana Poison Center medical director Daniel Rusyniak says people abusing bug spray likely already have deep addiction issues.

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