LOUISVILLE, Ky (WDRB) -- More than 100 people gathered to discuss violence Tuesday night at Cole’s Place, which was the scene of a club shooting just four days earlier.

Residents of Louisville’s Parkland neighborhood, LMPD and west Louisville community activists met at the night club on West Kentucky Street to discuss the shooting. Holding hands and bowing their heads, the group prayed for a stronger, safer Louisville and for peace for those who have experienced gun violence first-hand.

Early Saturday morning, six people were shot during a performance at the club, which caused chaos. The entire incident caught on cell phone cameras.

“Every day, there is a shooting," aid Neal Robertson with the West Louisville Urban Coalition. "And fortunately, they are not in the club, but outside the club. There is all kinds of shooting daily, at night ... That is all the kids are hearing."

Tejianna Saxton was at Tuesday night’s meeting to discuss her experience a year ago when she was inside the Tim Faulkner Art Gallery when someone opened fire.

“I feel like what happened this weekend …everybody was just having a good time," Saxton said. "It wasn’t supposed to happen just like a year ago. I never experienced anything like that. It puts you in a state of mind to where you don’t want to be around a whole bunch of people."

Six gun violence survivors shared their stories, many of whom were shot in public spaces or at parties. Members of the audience asked questions about what can be done and increasing security at public events, especially where teenagers frequent.

West Louisville community leaders said meetings like Tuesday night’s, while important for everyone, are geared to those who have been in those situations and for them to speak up, since many of the public shootings are not solved.

“That is what has not been happening,” Robertson said. “The right people haven’t been in the room, and then the dialogue and narrative, it hasn’t been the right dialogue or narrative.”

The meeting’s organizers hope to have similar meeting at least every couple months. No arrest’s have been made in either the Faulkner Gallery or Cole’s Place shootings.

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