I was sure the championship game of the NCAA’s Men’s Basketball Tournament wasn’t scheduled to be played for another 11 days. So I was confused when WDRB News reported on Tuesday of this week that Lexington Police were already preparing for a University of Kentucky victory in Thursday night's tournament game by removing items from streets that could be set on fire.

Now, I know a certain segment of UK fans have a history of turning over cars, igniting couches and generally acting liked crazed animals as a way of celebrating their basketball successes. But is it really possible that proud Kentucky fans could get that destructive over a win in nothing more than the Sweet 16? Against a Kansas State team that was seeded ninth in their region?

Who lowered the bar that far?

This is a university that’s made the Final Four 17 times, played in the championship game 12 times and won the whole thing eight times!

That’s a fantastic tradition that has no business being sullied by a bunch of drunken goofballs destroying property as a way of “celebrating” a Sweet 16 win over a lesser opponent.

Of course, I wouldn’t approve of riotous behavior even in celebration of another title, but torching the town over Thursday night's game would be embarrassingly stupid.

Let’s hope the Lexington cops are just being overly cautious.

I’m Bill Lamb and that’s my Point of View.

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