LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A Shelbyville man was arrested after police say he nearly ran over a Shelby County Sheriff's deputy and tried to attack a police dog.

On Tuesday night, deputies were called to a home in the 2000 block of Benson Pike, just east of Cranborne Grange, in Shelby County, after someone called police claiming that 51-year-old Paul Shuck had attacked his own father, who is in his 80s, hitting him several times in the head. When Shuck's mother tried to call authorities, police say he threw her phone out of a house window, breaking it.

When a sheriff's deputy arrived, he pulled in behind Shuck's vehicle.

A short time later, Shuck came out of the home, according to the arrest report, and started walking toward his vehicle.

"He pointed at me and yelled at me incoherently," the deputy wrote in the arrest report. "He then jumped in the driver's seat of the vehicle. As he did so, I pulled out my duty weapon and started ordering him out of the vehicle as I am standing behind it and at the front of my vehicle. He then throws his vehicle into reverse and takes off towards me and my vehicle, [and] as I run out of the way he slams into my cruiser in which K9 Niko was inside of at the time."

At that point, authorities say Shuck's mom came out of the home and tried to get the car keys away from him, but he shoved her away and drove off down Benson Pike, toward the city of Shelbyville.

When he reached the place where Benson Pike and Boone Station Road nearly converge, the Shelbyville Police Department joined in the pursuit. At that point, Shuck pulled into the parking lot of Rural King, at 181 Boone Station Road, near the intersection of Boone Station Road and Frankfort Road, and then back out onto the southbound lanes of Highway 53.

Eventually, police say they trapped his vehicle on Leland Drive. At that point, Shelbyville police officers broke out the window on the passenger side door of his vehicle, and told him to put his hands behind his back.

He had to be tased, because police say he refused to comply.

Eventually, he was pulled out of the vehicle and handcuffed -- and a deputy says he saw a handgun inside the vehicle in the driver's side floorboard.

Shuck was arrested and charged with fourth-degree assault (domestic violence), second degree criminal mischief, first-degree wanton endangerment of a police officer, first-degree attempted assault of a police officer, second-degree attempted assault on a service animal, menacing, first-degree fleeing or evading police in a motor vehicle, reckless driving and possession of a handgun by a convicted felon.

He is currently being held in the Shelby County Detention Center.

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