OLDHAM COUNTY, Ky. (WDRB) -- An angry parent came face-to-face Thursday with a woman accused of giving her teenage son and his friends drugs, alcohol and sex.

Inside an Oldham County Courtroom on Thursday afternoon, Anne Downing, 37, was in an Oldham County courtroom to be arraigned.

"She presented herself as a friend of mine," said the mother of one of the alleged victims.

We are not identifying the mother, but she did want to share her anger and concerns.

"It did not occur to me at all what she was doing behind closed doors," the mother said.

In a press release, Oldham County Police said Downing provided drugs and alcohol to "several male juveniles" and "performed a sexual act with one."

Police said it happened at Downing's home on Manor Drive in Crestwood.

In court, a not guilty plea was entered, but the alleged victim's mother said she can prove Downing is guilty. She said there are also text messages.

"They were all sexual-or alcohol-related," she said.

One read, "the more I drink, the more touchy feely I get. lol."

After reading the text message, the mother said she confronted Downing and got a confession.

"I asked her in curse words as well, 'What the 'f' is going on with you and my son,'" the mother said. "And that's whenever she told me that it was just once or twice. And I said, 'What was?' She said 'I gave him oral sex.'"

At the end of the arraignment, the judge said, "I'll see you in June."

Downing walked out of the courtroom still free on bond, but she will eventually be back in front of a judge and some angry parents.

"I will be at every trial she has," the mother said. "There are many, many, many angry parents that avoid her so that they don't get into trouble."

If there's not plea agreement, the trial is scheduled to start in June.

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