ST. MATTHEWS, Ky. (WDRB) -- No matter where you live, criminals are out to get your credit and debit card information.

St. Matthews Police want you to be vigilant when you use your card. Recently, a skimmer was found at a pump at the Marathon gas station on Breckinridge Lane. On Thursday, another skimmer was discovered at the ATM of Commonwealth Credit Union on Frankfort Avenue.

Officials say there are a few simple ways to protect yourself. You should stay in view of the clerk, because criminals would likely not place a skimmer where they could be seen. You should look for signs of tampering by making sure the seal where you insert the card hasn't been broken and by wiggling the card reader to make sure it's not loose from being broken into.

Commonwealth Credit Union president and CEO Karen Harbin says they review any suspect activity that could impact their member accounts, and the credit union is immediately installing upgrades to their equipment. 

To ensure the continued safety of Commonwealth Credit Union ATMs, new state of the art Anti-Skimming technology that prohibits the installation of skimming devices, along with hardware that identifies any intrusion attempts, is being installed in all Commonwealth Credit Union ATMs.

As part of our regular security efforts, our staff closely monitors all Commonwealth Credit Union ATMs for irregularities, and reviews daily any suspect activity that occurs on member accounts.  

We are asking our members and ATM users who may have questions regarding our ATMs, to contact a CCU team member at (800) 228-6420

Financial safety, for our members and our ATM users, is our number one priority.

The FBI also says some skimming devices are Bluetooth-enabled, so if you turn on the Bluetooth on your phone near a gas pump or an ATM and see a strange combination of numbers and letters, that could be a sign of a skimmer.

Officials say not many people take these precautions and now would be a good time to start. The incidents in St. Matthews are being investigated by the FBI and Secret Service.

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