LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A lawsuit has been filed against the Louisville Metro Police Departments Credit Union five months after it was placed under federal oversight.

Last year, the FBI began investigating the credit union's operations after a theft at the downtown location. Attorneys now say there could be more victims. 

"We're alleging the vice president of the credit union set up fictitious loans in member names," Attorney Andrea Hunt said.

That vice president is Josephine Crowe, whom Hunt said diverted direct deposits and wire transfers that were meant to pay off legitimate loans.

The lawsuit says LMPD Officer Greg Campos and his wife Heather discovered fake loans in their names, unauthorized credit card charges and inaccurate credit reports.

"They've had loans for cars and that kind of thing," Hunt said. "That's what troubling. They do have some legitimate loans with the credit union. There should be some that show they are paid off. There should be some that they are paying on right now. But at this point, the credit union will not give them any information."

The FBI hasn't released any more details about last year's alleged theft. The National Credit Union Administration placed the credit union in what's called "conservatorship" in order to resolve issues.

But in the meantime, members say they haven't been told anything.

"(Campos) went to the credit union and said, 'I've got concerns. This really doesn't make sense,'" Hunt said. "And he spoke to this vice president, and she told him, 'Everything will be fine. We'll get you caught up. You just need to increase your monthly transfers.'"

Hunt said Campos ended up increasing his payments about $150 a month. The credit union has more than 35,000 members serving law enforcement, their immediate family and a few businesses.

Crowe did not respond to a request for comment.

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