LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A New Albany City Council member said trying to help someone in need using Siri has led to a huge misunderstanding.

Councilman Dr. Al Knable said earlier this month he called 911 when he saw a young man pounding on the widows of a downtown New Albany building yelling fire. 

At the time of the incident in February, he said he was told by dispatchers to call a different number. The incident sparked a tense debate over merging the county and city's 911 call centers to improve response time. 

On Friday, New Albany Police Chief Todd Bailey held a news conference saying an investigation revealed Knable's call to 911 never happened. While Knable said that's true, he said he wishes Bailey would have explained what did happen. 

"In that adrenaline moment, I pushed the button and said 'Siri, 911' or 'NAPD 911' or something to that effect," Knable said. "I was transferred to that number which shows on my record, so what the chief said is technically correct. It was not a call to 911. It was to local law enforcement. I wish they would have given both sides of that story."

Knable said he's since reprogrammed his iPhone. He added that he still thinks merging the 911 call centers is an idea that needs to be discussed further between council members and law enforcement. 

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