LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A former employee of South Harrison Community Schools in Indiana allegedly sexually abused a young girl dozens of times. 

The prosecutor's office says Corey Faith has been charged with 36 counts of child molestation.

The prosecutor says Faith was a third grade teacher at New Middletown Elementary School in Corydon. He has now been fired for allegedly molesting a single child from 2005 to 2007. The prosecutor says the molestation took place in Faith's home, his classroom and at other locations -- and that Faith admitted it.

The probable cause affidavit lays out how the Harrison County Sheriff's Department first found out about the alleged crimes. It states that on March 19, a woman from Lakeland, Florida, contacted investigators to say that a 25-year-old friend had told her that she'd had a sexual relationship with her teacher at New Middletown Elementary School from 2005 to 2007, beginning when she was 12 years old.

Investigators with the Harrison County Police Department then traveled to Lakeland, Florida to interview the alleged victim.

According to the probable cause affidavit, in Oct. 2004, the victim was on the 6th grade basketball team, when her mother asked Faith to babysit her and her little brother. That's when she says she spent her first night at Faith's home, where he lived with his wife.

From then on, she said she began spending a lot of time with Faith -- and that's when the alleged sexual molestation began. The victim says sometime after March 2005, he began fondling her and having sexual intercourse with her. They allegedly engaged in sexual relations at his Corydon home, as well as her home in Corydon, and that it happened, "so many times, she stopped counting."

At one point, the victim says she woke up in her own bed at her home, only to find Faith standing over her, reminding her of the "Burger King Guy" in the Burger King commercials.

The victim says the sexual activity also happened on school property. According to the probable cause affidavit, she became Faith's assistant for basketball practice during the summer leading into her 7th grade year. During this time, she says she had sexual intercourse with him in the girl's locker room. 

The sexual molestation also took place in Faith's classroom, according to the probable cause affidavit. During her 7th grade year, the victim says she started at Corydon Junior High, but would ride the bus to New Middletown School where her little brother attended, before getting on a second bus to Corydon Junior High. On these occasions, she would go to Faith's classroom and he would intentionally leave the light off, so she could engage in sexual intercourse with him on the floor behind his desk where they couldn't be seen. She says this happened on five different occasions, and in one incident, the janitor tried to open the door and Faith jumped up, claiming he had the lights out because he had a migraine.

On March 23, 2018, after police interviewed the alleged victim, officers had her call Faith as part of the investigation. During the recorded phone call, Faith allegedly admitted that a sexual relationship began with the victim while he was her teacher and she was a student at New Middletown Elementary School. He allegedly told her, "When I was with you, age didn't matter." 

At one point during the call, the alleged victim says, "You had sex with me because you loved me...even though I was 12, 13...you still loved me?" Police say Faith responded, "Yeah."

Faith was arrested a short time later. He is currently being held in the Harrison County Detention Center.

On Monday afternoon, the school district sent a statement. That statement reads as follows:

This morning South Harrison Community School Corporation officials delivered notice of intent to cancel the teaching contract of Mr. Corey Faith. It is the intent of SHCSC to ask for his dismissal.

We are deeply saddened to learn of the events and critical lapses in judgement by Mr. Faith that took place. While these events involving a student took place a number of years ago we are in the process of notifying staff, parents and students via phone and social media of this arrest.

School is not in session this week due to spring break but counselors and administrators will be available Monday at our schools to talk with students.

Any action that puts student safety and well-being at risk will never be tolerated at SHCSC.  I would like to thank Sheriff Rod Seelye, Prosecutor Otto Schalk and their staffs for the prompt investigation and subsequent arrest in this matter. Upon availability, this post will be updated with the link to the recently held press conference.

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