JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Big changes could be coming to a five-mile stretch of 10th Street in Jeffersonville.

The final plans for the 10th Street Corridor Master Plan were unveiled to the residents Monday night at the last of three public meetings held since November.

The conceptual renderings showcase green spaces, new restaurants and shopping and pocket neighborhoods. The project would encompass an area from I-65 to the I-265 interchange and include space within 500 feet on either side of 10th Street, which is already in the middle of a $16 million road enhancement and safety project adding additional lanes, sidewalks and curbs.

“It is going to be supportive of businesses coming in on the backside of that to actually want to invest and want to come,” said Jeffersonville Planning and Zoning Director Nathan Pruitt. “How do we reinvigorate 10th Street to what it used to be … a destination, a place to go and not just a place to travel through.”

Residents who have worked or lived along 10th Street say the current construction has been a rough but know it has to get worse for things to be better in the long run.

“Thirty-thousand cars a day go through here, and it is getting pretty busy," said Scott Higgs of Hoosier Auto Service, a company he has worked for for 23 years. "So the growth has gotten crazy, especially up a little further. Everything is going to be nicer and prettier. We are going to have a sidewalk and grass, and everything is going to look nice and more modern."

The 25-year master concept also includes pocket neighborhoods which would be built on vacant parking lots or now-empty strip malls. A plot of land near Northaven Elementary School was proposed to create 56 single-family units and 89 multi-family units. The neighborhoods would look similar in concept to Louisville’s Norton Commons neighborhood.

The entire development corridor encompasses 2,400 acres and connects the historic core of Jeffersonville to the southern edge of the River Ridge Commerce Center.

The city council now has 45 days to vote on the concept.

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