Five minutes can be the difference between life or death after a shooting or car accident.

So University of Louisville Hospital is training people how to "Stop the Bleed," part of a national campaign to teach bystanders simple steps to help people survive after life-threatening injuries.

"With all the mass shootings and stuff that's been happening, you definitely want to know if I was in that situation, what would I do?" one U of L student said.

Students and adults practiced real-life scenarios Monday with U of L Trauma Center's doctors and nurses. They learned proper steps to apply pressure to stop heavy bleeding and how to tie a tourniquet above wounds.

Doctors say someone can die from blood loss within five minutes.

"If you've got a near amputation, if you've got a crushed extremity, if you've got someone who's shot or stabbed in their arm or leg, those are situations that just about anybody can help with," said Dr. Brian Harbrecht, Trauma Program Medical Director.

Since last year, 2,000 people have completed University Hospital's program. That includes churches, schools, workplaces and law enforcement.

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