LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- There's a growing debate over the usefulness of a top or flat sheet.

Bedding seller Anki Spets, who operates a home store in New York, says more people are forgoing the top sheet altogether, especially millennials.

In a recent 'USA Today' poll, 70% of people say they won't totally abandon the top sheet.

Some people don't use a top sheet for comfort reasons, but some say they need it to go to sleep.

Dr. Keri Peterson says most people wash their sheets weekly and their comforter less often. If people don't use a top sheet, Dr. Peterson gave some advice, "You should wash your duvet cover every week because it will be just as likely to get the same germs on them as your flat sheet will."

Top sheets can also add a layer of sanitation. "My first thoughts when people are skipping flat sheets is that its not the most sanitary thing," said Dr. Peterson.

Those in favor of skipping the top sheet argue the duvet cover or comforter is more comfortable.

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