There's a new push by city leaders to get more involved with schools and surrounding neighborhoods.

In the Highlands, Metro Councilman Brandon Coan (D-8) hopes to bridge the gap between groups that don't usually work together. Wednesday was the first "Town and Gown Hall Meeting" to discuss how Metro Government and JCPS can tackle issues together. 

"Frankly, we don't really have another choice because of all the challenges that face the community," said Coan, who invited parents and neighbors to Hawthorne Elementary.

It was the first of eight community meetings at schools in the Highlands to bring city government and schools closer together. 

"The city of Louisville doesn't own or control any of these (school) properties, and so there's sort of a dark spot sometimes in terms of neighbors understanding who is responsible for schools and what goes on in schools," Coan said.

JCPS Superintendent Marty Pollio was there to answer parents' questions about getting involved.

"We are on the verge of doing great things with Metro Government that have not been done before," Pollio said.

That includes Louisville Promise, Pollio said. It's an initiative between schools, local foundations and Metro Government to make two-year college scholarships available to every JCPS graduate.

"The education of our children and our next generation is all of our responsibilities," Pollio said. "Yes, JCPS, we have to take accountability for (student) outcomes, which we're going to do in the time we have them. But the successful communities, without a doubt, are the ones that take an approach that it is community-wide."

In addition to JCPS, future District 8 meetings will also involve parochial and independent schools.

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