LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- She is a Food Network Star, has a cookbook and now, she has her very own show. The Louisville chef is recognized all over the country. In between television appearances, fans can catch her closer to home with an appetite for healthy food and comedy.

"My name is Loreal Louise Gavin," Gavin says on an audition tape in 2014. "I'm the next Food Network star."

Gavin admits it started as a joke, but it worked. "I didn't even know what the show was but it was better than what I was doing there. So, I hit the road," Gavin said.

It was the beginning of a television career for the Louisiana native. "I've been cooking my whole life. One of the first things I've ever made, I pulled up a little chair to our bar in baton rouge and made a steak sauce. So, that makes sense. Look at me now, I'm the butcher babe," Gavin said.

In four short years, she has made a name for herself. "If you can imagine, if Bettie Page and Julia Child had a kid, that's kind of what I am."

She was the winner of season ten of Cutthroat Kitchen on The Food Network, has her own Butcher Babe Cookbook and while promoting that, CMT came knocking with her next big break. It was a no-brainer. "Bing bada boom, we have a deal!" 

The Downtown Farmer follows Gavin on a food truck out west, stopping at urban farms to make a one of a kind dish with local farmers. "Often people ask me, 'Loreal, what's your favorite thing to cook?' and I'm like, 'where am I at in the world and what time of year is it?' because I really try to take these things into consideration."

She's finished producing and taping all ten episodes for CMT's digital series on YouTube. "I feel like it gave me a lot of clout here in town, that like, hey guys, I'm back and I'm not just some tv chef. I can throw down."

She returned to Louisville where she first moved for culinary school at Sullivan University. She's won the Bourbon Classic and currently revamping the menu at The Butchertown Social.

"I feel like I'm continually solidifying my brand and becoming more confident and I think the confidence a lot of the time arises out of like going out there and falling on your face but still being adamant about why you do what you do and it always comes back to love."

She said it comes down to food connecting people. "If you spoke french and I was Spanish and we had no idea what we were saying, if i had a plate of food, right and I could be like, 'girl, come over here and get you some food' right, that's one thing that can connect people."

In between laughs, she's developing Butcher Babe textiles, focused on catering and private events with an emphasis on health. "Let's reduce the carbon footprint and make healthy footprint for people because we are what we eat."

The Louisville chef is on a roll and not slowing down, ready to spice up whatever comes her way next. "Yeah, I'm waiting on the next phone call! I see you!"

All ten episodes of The Downtown Farmer and the recipes are available on YouTube through CMT. 

To purchase Gavin's Butcher Babe Cookbook and her textiles, click here

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