FLOYD COUNTY, Ind. (WDRB) – The sound of  Richland Creek will soon be replaced with the sounds of a construction zone for 130 days.

“That sounds like a disaster,” said Maryn Meldrum, who lives nearby.

The Highway 150 bridge in Greenville Township outside the Wind Dance Subdivision will be the site of a bridge rehabilitation project starting in mid-May.

Nearby residents are concerned with how it will affect them getting in and out of their neighborhood.

“I think it will be very difficult. It's already pretty hard just to get out of the neighborhood with that traffic coming back and forth,” Meldrum said.

On a daily basis the portion of Highway 150 sees nearly 8,000 vehicles.

Harry Maginity with the Indiana Department of Transportation says workers will be removing the bridge deck overlay by hydro-demolishing it.

“The rest of it will be under very, very high pressure water to take off the residual materials that are on that bridge deck so we can put the new deck overlay on this,” Maginity said.

The highway over Richland Creek will be reduced to one lane. Temporary signals will regulate traffic flow one direction at a time.

“Obviously plan for more time,” Meldrum said. “The amount of people that do live out here that go into the city every day to work, I'd imagine I'd have to give myself an extra 20 to 30 minutes to get to my destination.”

INDOT officials say the repairs will keep moisture out of the bridge deck so major repairs won't need to be made down the road.

“Let's face it, these roads take a lot of pounding. They've got a lot of truck traffic on them. They've got a lot of cars, vehicles on them and they do wear out,” Maginity said.

Maginity says over the last several years the state has increased the road maintenance budget to complete projects like this on Highway 150.

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