LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Nearly 100 inmates at Louisville Metro Corrections are being temporarily relocated as the jail deals with overcrowding. 

The daily inmate population has climbed above 2,000 over the past week, with a capacity of around 1,800, causing Metro Corrections Director Mark Bolton to move inmates to a 1950s era jail above the Louisville Metro Police Department headquarters. 

The jail is taking in more inmates than it's releasing, creating crowded inmate living conditions and tougher working conditions for officers.

"We never want to open it, but when we do, we are prepared for that," Metro Corrections Spokesman Steve Durham said. "We’ve been through this, we know what it’s like, and this is really about safety for our officers and for the inmates as well. When we can close it down, we will close it down as soon as we can. But understand that doesn’t mean anything except when the numbers go up, we’re going to open it again."

About 90 minimum custody inmates will be moved into the space above LMPD headquarters, which has not been used since Jan. 9.

Metro Corrections usually sees in increase in the number of inmates between Kentucky Derby and August, which is when the transfer to the old jail is done. This year, the need is a month earlier than usual, and officials think it will happen against at least once or twice throughout the summer. 

"I am not surprised at all by that, because the state (is) not taking its inmates like they are supposed to ... we now have to spend $100,000 a month to house these inmates in a facility that is really outdated," Metro Council President David James said.

Most of the inmates are non-violent of traffic offenders who missed their initial court appearances. 

Moving the inmates means assigning more officers and creates an extra un-budgeted expense of about $100,000 a month, Bolton said.

“We cannot ignore the challenge that crowded housing units present for Corrections Officers and for inmates,” Bolton said.

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