A few weeks ago, I pointed out how legislators in Frankfort keep ignoring the teacher pension issue by kicking the can down the road. Well, there has been action now and it leaves me with more questions than answers.

To our legislators: The pension issue has to be fixed. No sane person can argue with that. In trying to deflect the heat of the issue, though, you tried to sneak the pension bill through late at night.  Your lack of transparency appears to be a cowardly tactic. Was that really the best way to do business? 

To our teachers: You should get everything you were promised. You should. Future teachers will not be able to have the same deal. They will have to evaluate the new offer and decide for themselves if it makes sense for them to teach in Kentucky schools. But was the one-day sick-out the best way you could turn the spotlight on the questionable way the legislature snuck the bill through?

It probably was. 

Our usually outspoken Governor has been surprisingly quiet, offering no visible leadership in the past week or so, while his arch nemesis the Attorney General says the bill is illegal. 

Will Andy Beshear prevail again? Stay tuned.

Kentucky teachers deserve our support so we can make the commonwealth stronger, but we need to do it in a fiscally responsible manner.

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I’m Bill Lamb… and that’s my Point of View.