LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Trash piling up in the front yard of home in the Taylor Berry neighborhood has become quite an eyesore for neighbors.

A home near the intersection of Colorado and Arcade Avenues has piles of trash along the sidewalk and in much of the vacant lot next door.

Gail Pierce, who owns a nearby home, said she emptied out her garage and bagged most of the trash, but people have been ripping open the bags searching for copper and aluminum.

“We have no help," Pierce said. "It’s me and my sister here. We have no help."

Couches and mattresses are just some of the larger items Pierce said have been dropped off on her lot. On Tuesday afternoon, she and her half-sister, Barbara Lewis, were scooping up trash and re-bagging as much as possible before the storms hit.

A spokesperson with Solid Waste Management said it gave Pierce a notice she needed to clean up the area in 10 days, by April 6, or she could face a fine.

Pierce said she and her sister can only do so much. And neighbors have noticed the piles of trash only getting larger.

“She cleaned out her garage and stuff to get rid of some junk, and then it has doubled or tripled in size since,” said Franklin Boyd, a University of Louisville student who lives across the street from Pierce.

Pierce and Lewis will be working as much as they can to get the home, which is just over a block from Churchill Downs, cleaned up as soon as possible with the Kentucky Derby right around the corner.

“We don’t want people knowing our street is trashy,” Lewis said.

Solid Waste Management said it hopes to have this all cleaned up by Friday afternoon.

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