LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – A pizza delivery driver in Somerset, Kentucky, helped rescue two people from a burning home.

Ralph Letner, who works Donatos Pizza, was out on a delivery to the Ringgold Trailer Park in Somerset when he saw a home on fire. Letner jumped out of the car and ran inside to shut down the breaker for the home. While inside, he saw the homeowner, Jesse Decker, trapped inside.

He was able to save Decker, a second person and the home. 

“He is a hero,” Decker said.

Letner said he was not supposed to be at work on Saturday night, but "we got kind of busy, so I stayed around the store. I was supposed to leave at 10 o'clock,” he said.

"I got a beautiful wife and two kids at home, so I've got to make sure I keep myself safe for them. But my parents raised me to make sure that if there is something in need, you have to help someone, put your life on the line.”

The homeowner says his home and his life were saved because of Letner's actions.

Firefighters say an electrical problem sparked the fire.

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