By Bill Lamb
President and General Manager

No one will argue that getting guns out of the hands of criminals and off the streets is a good thing. Probably even the NRA would agree with that. These are guns that are often used in commission of armed robberies or murders. LMPD removes hundreds of these guns from the streets every year, but here’s where it really gets squirrely.

LMPD is required to turn these guns over to the Kentucky State Police. Then, per state law, KSP auctions off the guns to registered gun dealers.  Many times these guns are returned to the streets to be used in more violent crimes. The State Police use the money generated from the sale of the guns to buy supplies, like bulletproof vests. 

I’m very much in favor of cops having bulletproof vests, but does anyone else see the irony here? 

The logical part of my brain clearly tells me these confiscated guns should be melted down, never to be used again. Imagine how frustrating it must be for the police to confiscate a gun and then see it possibly returned to the street. The only way to get this insane cycle changed is for you to contact your state representatives. They are the only people who can change it. 

Their names and contact information can be found at the link below: 

Will you tell them to change the law, or just leave it for someone else?

I’m Bill Lamb…  and that’s my Point of View.