LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Flooding and debris continued to plague downtown Louisville Friday afternoon.

The river had swallowed up part of the Great Lawn at Waterfront Park, making the lawn a soggy, muddy mess. Debris was stacked up along the flood line. Several other areas of the park had also been affected by minor flooding.

That didn't stop people from coming to the park on Friday anyway, however. One family was visiting Louisville for spring break and had a bit of trouble once they hit some flooding.

"Last night we actually got our car stuck -- went off the side of the road a little bit -- and it was a little bit muddier than we expected," said Karie Provanchi, who was visiting Waterfront Park. "So we did a little bit of off-roading in our tiny car."

River Road was shut down at Third Street because of the flooding. Fourth Street was also closed under the Galt House.

Flooding at Cox Park was also a problem. With water covering the roads through the park, it remained closed to the public. 

Meanwhile, floodwaters continue to creep toward restaurants like Captain's Quarters and Harrods Creek Tavern.

MSD was using the city's flood pumping stations to keep the water under control. 

Anyone who comes near the waterfront should also be careful near the water. There are no barricades on the Great Lawn and it's hard to tell how deep the water is.

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