LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A new coalition of University of Louisville fans and alumni are preparing to file a lawsuit against the NCAA following its decision to vacate victories from the men’s basketball program.

The University of Louisville Protection and Advocacy Coalition said it will file the lawsuit next week. Attorney Robert Florio said the NCAA treated the university unfairly by vacating the 2013 National Championship, the 2012 Final Four and other victories.

"What did they do illegally?" Florida said. "They treated us differently."

Florio said the NCAA was much harder on U of L than it was on other universities who did not have victories taken away and said the NCAA did not notify fans on their tickets the victories could be vacated.

"This whole time, the NCAA monetarily benefiting from it all without any kind of notice to the fan when he bought the ticket that they could just take it away ... They can just change history," Florio said.

Eric Richardson, a member of the group, feels the university should have fought the battle in court after losing an appeal with the NCAA.

"We shouldn't be the ones even filing this lawsuit," he said. "The University of Louisville should be doing this for every fan."

The lawsuit will seek some money in potential damages, but the group said the focus is on restoring the team's record.

"It's in its final stages right now," Richardson said. "I've identified all the causes of action that I believe attach to this lawsuit."

The coalition plans to file the lawsuit Wednesday in Jefferson County Circuit Court.

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