JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- Thunder Over Louisville draws hundreds of thousands to the area every year.

With the airshow and fireworks two weeks away, the Ohio River has overtaken some of the best places to watch the show from southern Indiana.

Jeffersonville Fire Chief Eric Hedrick said 250,000 to 270,000 people are expected for the airshow and fireworks on the Indiana side.

Flooding along the Ohio River has recently swallowed up some popular areas along the banks.

If water levels are higher on the day of the show, the chief plans to put up barricades and signs.

Rescue crews are always on standby in case anyone gets too close.

The flooding also means more cleanup will be needed to remove trash along the river.

“We need Mother Nature to help us and get that water down and then get the city crews out on the river bank to get our viewing area ready to go," Hedrick said.

Regardless of where the river level will be, longtime fans like Lonnie Granno are not staying away.

“When it was snow out here people still show up so I don't think the weather, might put a little damper on it, but most of the time people are gonna show up. It's that good of a show," Granno said.

Thunder Over Louisville is on Saturday April 21.

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