LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Voting in the May primaries will look a little different at a few election centers in Kentucky this year. 

Saturday, the Jefferson County Clerk's Election Center debuted newly purchased voting equipment. 

Residents could stop by and check out the express voting system with a mock election ballot. 

Five locations will have the new machines, including the Jeffersontown Library, the Shawnee Library and the Middletown Library. 

It's a change some say is long overdue. 

"The old equipment was clunky, it was difficult to use," Jefferson County Election Officer Becky Ison said. "People weren't interested in voting on it. This is a touch screen that will create a paper ballot that is scanable."

Election officials were also registering people to vote in time for the primary election, which is May 22. 

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