CLARKSVILLE, Ind. (WDRB) -- When a woman's remains washed up along the Ohio River, some family members did not even know she was missing.

But Lory Adams, the property room manager for the Clarksville Police Department, has spent the last year trying to help solve the mystery, which has stretched halfway around the world.

Adams said it was her goal to find the family of this woman, whose remains washed up in an urn in Clarksville in October 2016.

"The inscription on the urn made it fairly easy to find her obituary," Adams said.

The obituary revealed that 53-year-old Phyu Phyu Aye died at an Evansville hospital in December 2015, but Adams was looking for more.

The certificate of death listed organ failure and cardiac arrest as the causes of death, so there was no foul play. But Adams still turned to detectives for help.

"This is a highly unusual situation that we've never come across before," Det. Randy Thomas said. "So then the decision was made, let's attempt to use social media."

And it didn't take long. Adams said that within three days, someone said they knew the woman's family. The family was found more than halfway around the world in Myanmar in southeast Asia.

"They knew their mother had died, but they were under the impression she received a proper burial," Adams said.

Police learned the woman was a Burmese refugee who had been working at the Tyson Foods in Kentucky.

"They come from a very poor part of the village," Thomas said.

Family members don't have the resources to ship the remains, so the Clarksville Police Department sent her home.

Officials here hope family members will have the urn in the next few weeks.

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