We've all heard about Russia's attempts to meddle in our elections, but their meddling is more pervasive and sinister than that. They're not trying to rig votes, here. They're trying to rig our thinking.

Vladimir Putin is trying to orchestrate a return to the cold war, which he believes will make Russia relevant on the world stage again.

The strategy is to look for any ideological difference of opinion, weigh in on our social media posing as concerned Americans, and stir things up and make the gap wider. Putin knows the old adage "Divide and Conquer" is just as effective in a cold war as it is in a real war.

We know they have a state sanctioned organization that posts fake stories on Facebook and Twitter for the purpose of creating division here and in other countries. Have they been successful?

I would say so.

Some of our divisions are greater than ever: Republicans vs. Democrats, blacks vs. whites, African Americans vs. police and the youth movement for stricter gun laws vs. the NRA.

Even #MeToo has divided the sexes. As long as our priority is to shout at each other rather than listen, we remain vulnerable to insidious forces that understand another adage very well: United We Stand and Divided We Fall.

Am I a conspiracy theorist or is the threat real? Call us and let us know.

I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.

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