(FOX NEWS) -- A fast food employee in Brazil has gone viral for helping a disabled young man eat his meal.

Laurinha Victória recorded the man at a fast food chain in Brazil. The video shows the employee at the "north mall food square" in Salvador, Brazil, feeding a customer with a "disability of the arms and leg," she said in a translation on Facebook.

"Today I was taken by emotion with tears in my eyes, seeing this scene at the north mall food square...," she wrote in her post, which has been viewed 11 million times.

Victória wrote on Facebook that she was going to help the disabled man, but the employee was already heading to his table to help him eat his food.

The woman was touched by the employee's actions, calling the scene "beautiful."

"I came to him and said, what a beautiful gesture you are having. God bless you," she said in the Facebook translation.

Those who viewed the video agree with her sentiments, and have shared over 527,000 mostly positive reactions.

"Even in this cruel world, there will always be someone human with heart, congratulations to this special worker," one person commented, the Mirror reported.

"If all were more in solidarity with each other, this world would be much better," another Facebook user wrote.

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