LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Saint Xavier High School in Louisville ranks high on a list they'd rather not land on.

The Walton County Sheriff's Office, which covers Sandestin, Florida, included St. Xavier. on a tweet of the top 10 schools for arrests during spring break.

Most of the arrests come from college students, but Saint Xavier. is number two on the list with nine arrests.

The sheriff's office says all the charges for St. Xavier. students were for alcohol possession under the age of 21. That means they were given a notice to appear in court. A spokeswoman says the point is not to embarrass the kids, but to educate the public.  

She says they don’t want anything getting out of hand. And they would rather the kids face these charges, than let something devastating happen like them committing a crime or getting behind the wheel drunk. 

So there is no confusion, the Walton County Sheriff's Office also followed up their original tweet to confirm that the St. Xavier High School on their list is the one in Kentucky. 

Walton County covers popular spring break destinations including Sandestin, Seaside and Miramar Beach. 

St. Xavier spokesman Mike Littell says the school has not been contacted by law enforcement, so he can not confirm that the students arrested are St. X students.  But he said they encourage all students to engage in good behavior, when on spring break trips.

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