Kroger on South Second Street near the University of Louisville is one of the first Kroger stores in the country to unveil the new “Scan, Bag, Go” mobile app and shopping device.

Debby Miller, one of the first customers to use the device said it will save her time in the line.

“It was pretty quick: just scan it, and press the button,” Miller said. 

Shoppers take a scanning device from the Kiosk near the entrance. It works just the same using the ScanBagGo mobile app on a smart phone. Users enter a Kroger card number or a phone number and begin to shop. It tracks coupons, including the WIC program, keeps a running price tab and can price check items.

Kroger said it can help shoppers budget and save time.

“We've seen a lot of feedback through our comments,” Kroger’s Anaris Sickles said. “You can leave comments when you get a receipt. So we really take those to heart and make sure we poll through those and make sure we give them what the customers really want."

Produce is weighed on a scale near the produce section, and shoppers can adjust the quantity on the device.

The South Second Street Kroger location is one of the first stores in the country to use the new way to shop, but it's headed to the stores on Taylorsville Road, Mudd Lane and in Jeffersonville, Indiana, soon.

Shoppers can pay on the mobile app or in the self-checkout lane. They can return the shopping device on a kiosk at the exit door.

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