Louisville Metro Councilman Brandon Coan launched a new campaign Wednesday to "Keep Louisville Locked," an initiative aimed at helping Highlands residents protect their vehicles, homes and businesses.

"Thirty-four-point-four percent of all property crimes that have happened so far in the first quarter of 2018 are a result of people not locking their doors," Coan said. "You don't want a neighborhood where you have a reputation for being an easy target. Because if people know they can come here and try to lift car handles and get in, they will. But if they know people lock their doors, they won't come trying."

Kersten Farah said she's spotted car thieves on her street in the Highlands.

"Either a single person, or a pair, a team of folks working together, just kind of nonchalantly coming by and picking the handle," Farah said.

On Morton Street, LMPD said a car window was smashed last week. A suspect got away with a handgun.

"Locking your car door is really only half the equation," Coan said. The other half is to remove all your valuables from plain sight."

On Everett Avenue, LMPD said a car was left unlocked, and the thief got away with a knife.

Coan's campaign is heating up before the summer months, when there is typically more opportunity for crime. He said you could start to see new signs around town and even a bait car to catch potential thieves. Neighbors will receive reminders and quarterly updates on crime stats.

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