LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- The Kentucky Derby is just weeks away, but it wasn't horses racing around a track at Spalding University. 

The 46th annual Running of the Rodents was held at the school Thursday. This years theme was Disney inspired -- "Magic Ratdom."

Many of the competitors who brought their rats to the competition were dressed in Disney-inspired costumes. And instead of competing for a Garland of Roses, the rats were racing for a "Garland of Fruit Flavored Cereal."

Freshman Ethan Thornton said it's a lot of fun training their rats.

"Yeah, a lot of treadmill work basically," Thornton said. No, I mean we just take care of the rats, feed them, give them water ... that kind of thing. Then we run around the track a few times, and then we bring them up here."

The Running of the Rodents was started 46 years ago after a nun at the school overheard a student complain about the "rat race" of finals week.

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