STARLIGHT, Ind. (WDRB) -- Seniors from Silver Creek High School were put to the test Friday at Huber's Winery & Starlight Distillery, attempting to drive a narrow course safely, with drunk goggles on.

It didn't go very well.

Officer John Jawor with the Clark County Sheriff's Office said DUIs are down nationally, but it's still a constant problem with teenagers. That's especially true around prom, when Jawor said teens might be more enticed to drink or do drugs and then drive.

On Friday, the groups of students rotated through different exercises. In one group, students wore goggles and tried to walk a straight line and stand on one leg. The goggles made it feel like they were under the influence of marijuana or prescription pain killers.

Another group had to drive with goggles that simulated what it would look like if their blood alcohol content was a .18, which is twice the legal limit and would be an aggravated DUI.

Whether it's prescription drugs, illegal drugs or alcohol, Jawor said it's not worth it.

"We tell the kids exactly what they're looking at financially for an impaired driving charge in Clark County," he said. "There's just no reason with everything out there with cabs, all the different ride-sharing services and people that will just give you a ride home, it's just not worth getting behind the wheel."

There was also a representative from Southern Indiana's Treatment Center on hand to talk to the students about the dangers of using drugs at a young age. In all, five different high schools participated in the event.

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