LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – The father of a gunshot wound survivor is advocating for gun safety after his teenage son was shot in the face in January.

“My family was impacted on a Sunday afternoon that has changed our lives forever,” David Toborowsky said.

18-year-old Jacob Toborowsky has since had three surgeries, still can't fully open his mouth and some bullet fragments will always remain.

“My son will not be the same,” David Toborowsky said.

In addition to physical therapy, Jacob Toborowsky is also going through mental therapy.

“This is traumatizing because the worst part for him is he doesn't want anything to happen to his friend,” David Toborowsky said.

Jacob Toborowsky’s friend is the teen who allegedly shot him. It happened at the friend's home in Saratoga Woods in Jeffersontown.

David Toborowsky says he's confident the teen will face justice as an adult.

“Whether this was an accident, intentional or bad judgement … Anytime someone pulls a trigger, there's accountability. There's only one reason to pull a trigger in any situation and that is to kill something. So when you make that decision to pull a trigger, what you're saying is I don't care what's on the other side, I want it dead,” David Toborowsky said.

David Toborowsky says he's a strong supporter of the second amendment, but he also wants to help prevent gun violence among teens and what could lead to school shootings by raising awareness with his personal story.

“An inch in another direction and we wouldn't be having this conversation the same way. And I am thankful to God and everything that (Jacob) is here with us,” David Toborowsky said.

When Jacob Toborowsky was first shot, doctors said he only had a five percent chance to live. He is now recovering in Texas with his mom.

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