LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- Foreign money, earrings, necklaces, sports memorabilia and bikes.

Jeffersontown Police say William Baker and his uncle, Charles Shelton, stole $10,000 worth of items at J-town Self Storage and other similar places across metro Louisville.

"Of course our customers feel like they’ve been violated, but so do we,” said Maria Raque, owner of J-town Self Storage.

Investigators say Baker and Shelton cut through a fence. Once they were inside, every move was caught on video.

"Because of our surveillance cameras and because of some of the security we have, we were able to get some great video,” said Raque.

Officials say the stolen goods were stored in a room at Home Towne Studios on Taylorsville Road, and then sold at flea markets and pawn shops.

"They were smart enough to have their girlfriends and other people sell these things so we wouldn’t be able to track it back to them,” said Jeffersontown Police detective Chris Morris.

At one time, the pair had so many stolen items, police say they rented a unit from the very place they stole from.

"This is something that these people obviously planned out. Thank goodness they weren’t smarter than they were,” said Raque.

After several weeks, police were able to put the pieces together when they pulled over a minivan last Tuesday.

"Upon contact, there were things in the car that stood out (such as) burglary tools (and) ammunition for a hand gun,” said Morris.

Seeing Baker and Shelton in handcuffs, and going before a judge brings relief to the owner of a storage shop. And police say it should do the same for other property owners across greater Louisville.

Anyone who believes that some of the stolen items belong to them can get their property back by calling Jeffersontown Police.

Officials say a copy of a police report will be required as proof that the property was stolen.


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