LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- On Friday, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin said he guaranteed "a child was sexually assaulted" as a result of school being closed at many school districts for teachers could attend a rally in Frankfort.

Speaking with a few reporters after two of his vetoes had been overridden by the House and Senate, Bevin criticized teachers for leaving the classroom to protest at the Capitol, but by Sunday, he had a different message for teacher.

In a video release, Bevin said he was sorry for those that had been "hurt by things that I have said."

But sometimes, saying sorry is not enough.

"I and many others do not accept the governor's apology," said Kelsey Hayes Coots,a JCPS teacher. "A real apology includes the words, 'I was wrong,' and his did not."

On Monday, teachers and labor leaders held a new conference to demand more from Bevin.

"To say with one voice that the comments the Gov. Bevin made on Friday are unbecoming of someone of his stature, and we demand that he issue a true apology," said Richard Becker, a union representative and candidate for the Kentucky House of Representatives.

In his video apology, Bevin also said, "I made some comments about the unintended consequences of schools being shutdown." Bevin acknowledged his comments may have been hurtful, but teachers said the apology it wasn't sincere.

"Gov. Bevin did offer what he called an apology, which is to essentially say, 'I am sorry you misunderstood me,'" said Charles Booker, a candidate for the Kentucky House of Representatives.

Booker added that, as a concerned parent, he wants to call Bevin out but not condemn him.

"Because this is bigger than him. This is about all of us coming together and putting the political games aside and building solutions for our future."

Organizers said Monday's new conference was part of a movement to gather support ahead of the November elections.

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