By: Bill Lamb
WDRB President and General Manager

This weekend kicks off The Kentucky Derby season around here.  

Tomorrow, Friday, April 20, is the annual They're Off! Luncheon down at the Galt House when 1,300 or so people will gather for the opening ceremonies of the Kentucky Derby Festival. This is always an exciting event.  

Despite the stranger-than-usual spring weather, it looks like we will have a nice weekend down at the riverfront. Five hundred thousand people or more will go down in person to see a fantastic airshow and the biggest, most spectacular fireworks show in North America.

This is WLKY's year to televise Thunder Over Louisville. It's a big telecast, but as always, we know they'll do a good job. We wish them a gentle breeze, bright sunshine and a high sky.

The Kentucky Derby Festival is a huge economic boost to the local economy. In all, the Festival will pump about $128 million back into our economy in the next two weeks. They will host more than 70 events between now and the most exciting two minutes in sports on May 5. Mike Berry and his staff started planning for the next two weeks just about the time the festival ended last year and they do an incredible job. They, along with hundreds of volunteers, make this festival one of the top events in the country. Get ready to enjoy the fabulous Kentucky Derby Festival!

I'm Bill Lamb -- and that's my Point of View.

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