Since we've known for over a year that significant tax reform and a new budget would be the most important goals of 2018's Kentucky legislature, most would assume that months of preliminary work would precede the actual session.

Ideas would be shared, examined and considered among lawmakers of both parties, allowing everyone to hit the ground running when
the session finally convened.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

Over three months ago, the precious 60 days of this year's session began ticking away. But was any bill offered in January? No.

February? Again, no.

And when a budget bill finally DID reach the Governor's desk, it was sloppily crafted, in secret, at the last minute, with input from only a select few and riddled with unintended errors.

This was the equivalent of a lazy high-schooler writing his term paper the morning it's due during the bus ride to school.

But now, despite Governor Bevin's veto, it's law.

I don't know if the bill will be a disaster, but since most of our lawmakers didn't have a chance to read it and study it before voting for it, I'm not optimistic.

But I guess I should understand Kentucky politics by now. Good enough always seems like more than enough for Kentucky's lawmakers. And that thinking is why we'll probably never become an elite state in this country.

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I'm Bill Lamb and that's my Point of View.

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