AUSTIN, In. (WDRB) – A Circle K gas station and convenience store in Austin, Indiana, shut down on Tuesday after credit card information from dozens of victims was stolen from the location.

As of Tuesday afternoon, more than 50 people had reported to police that their bank accounts had been drained of funds.

"I got an alert yesterday afternoon…that the money had been taken out," said Casey Snelling.

Snelling joins dozens of others who have reported similar instances of theft to police.

"A former officer called us and let us know that he had his information (stolen)," said Austin Police Chief Robert Gudgel.

According to Gudgel, his first thought was that credit card "skimmers" had been installed on the gas station pumps, but when he and other officers looked, they could not find any.

Skimmers are electronic devices that are illegally attached to credit card readers to electronically send information to the thief.

The absence of skimmers led detectives to the assumption that Circle K is dealing with a data breach.

A spokesperson for Circle K did not return a phone message left Tuesday morning.

"I had actually got off work early, so I stopped to get gas on my way home, and I used the card inside. It wasn't at the pump," Snelling said.

WDRB also received numerous reports Tuesday of similar thefts happening at a Circle K in Seymour.

"If anybody had this happen to them, report it to us immediately. I know there's at least a few people that haven't said anything," Gudgel said.

If you believe your information was stolen from the Austin Circle K, you can reach police at (812) 794-2496.

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